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Is there a warning light or message on your dashboard? Then contact QMVS in Weymouth so we can figure out what’s wrong.

Modern vehicles contain several on board computers to help keep track of how the vehicle is running, these are often known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU). They constantly monitor the performance of your vehicle with sensors that are placed throughout the vehicle from the engine and gearbox to tyre pressures and electrical systems. When a fault occurs such as low fluid levels, an error code is generated.

There are many possible error codes that can be created and these can only be read by a trained technician with the latest diagnostic equipment. QMVS specialise in car and van diagnostics in Weymouth.

Mechanic diagnosing a vehicle - Car Diagnostics Weymouth

If you have a warning light or messages on your dashboard or have a vehicle that needs a diagnostic check then contact QMVS in Weymouth 01305 237777 or complete our contact form.

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