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If the clutch in your car stops working when you're at home, work or stuck at the roadside, then contact QMVS in Weymouth on 01305 237777 to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Our qualified mechanics are on the road every day with cost effective prices and years of expertise when it comes to repairs on your clutch. We'll come directly to you in the Weymouth and Dorchester area and ensure that your clutch is repaired to the highest of standards.

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What Does A Clutch Do?

Very simply, the clutch connects your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. When you step on the clutch it disconnects the engine. This lets your car roll free and lets the engine turn at any speed. You do this when you come to a stop because the wheels are not moving and you want your engine to keep turning. You also do this when changing gear so that the teeth on the gear aren’t damaged.

Are your Gears "Crunching" when you try to select them?
Are your Gears hard to select?
Does your Gearbox Whine?

These may be all symptoms that your clutch is beginning to fail. However it may be a more serious problem with your Gearbox


Along with the Clutch the Gearbox is the main component of your vehicle's transmission. Basically you have different gears to keep the engine running at an optimum RPM so avoiding damage to it.

Why choose us for your Clutch repairs in Weymouth

For clutches in Weymouth, look no further! At Quality Mobile Vehicle Solutions we offer high quality replacement clutches and any repairs that your clutch might need. Being mobile mechanics also means we come to you, so if your feeling uneasy with your vehicle or feel you may have a problem, give our expert mechanics a call now. We can cover the Weymouth and Dorchester area. To book a clutch replacement in Weymouth, or if you have any questions or concerns about your clutch or gearbox then contact QMVS on 01305 237777 or complete our contact form.

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